Pearl Sugar

An indispensable ingredient in biscuit, bakery and pastry industry

Applications and granulometry

Small granulometry C15 and C25 are used mainly in decorating viennese pastries, pies,biscuits,puffs and gingerbreads. They can also be added to chocolates.

  • C15 = 1.7 à 3.2 mm
  • C25 = 2.5 à 5.0 mm

The larger pearls, are generally incorporated to doughs for bakery, buns, crackers and waffles.

  • C40 = 6.0 à 9.5 mm

Caracteristics and advantages

  • Optimized dissolving time and hardness : pearls do not melt entirely and render waffles, buns and crackers crunchy and add a delicious texture.
  • A perfect whiteness obtained with the use of first quality cristallized sugar.

Available packagings

  • 12/200gr
  • 6/2.5kg
  • 10kg
  • 1000kg
Sucre perlé

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