Pearl sugar, coated and flavored

For frozen products and decoration of moist pastries

Gluten free pearl sugar, coated and flavored

Advantages and specifications of coated and flavored pearl sugar

  • Aromas and coloring 100% natural
  • Coated with vegetable fat without trans fat
  • High resistance to moisture
  • Stable at time of baking or cooking
  • Stable when freezing and thawing
  • Contains no allergens nor GMO
  • Gluten free

Applications of coated and flavored pearl sugar

  • Improves taste and crunch when absorbed or on surface
  • Surface decoration for doughnuts, biscuits, buns, brownies, croissants, cup cakes, frozen desserts cakes, waffles, muffins, chocolate cakes, pralines, pies , verrines and yogurts
  • It can be inserted in chocolates pastries, waffles and frozen desserts

Available granules sizes

  • E10 = 1.4 à 2.5 mm
  • E20 = 2.0 à 4.0 mm
  • E35 = 4.0 à 6.0 mm

Available packaging sizes

  • 12/150gr
  • 10kg

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